Learning How to Make Homemade Gnocchi {GALLERY}

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the kitchen before being served your favorite Italian dish?

During a complimentary taste and tour at Andiamo in Warren, a few members of our team were given an inside look at the magic behind gnocchi, a potato-based dumpling often served with traditional pasta toppings and sauces.

The event started with a presentation from Executive Chef Jim Oppat, whose passion for food and cooking takes him across the world on a regular basis to expand his culinary technique and experiment with the foods and flavors of other cultures.

Following our discussion with Chef, we headed to the kitchen to be shown a step-by-step demonstration of how this staple Italian dish is prepared. We watched as what looked like mashed potatoes transformed into a dough with the help of flour and egg yolk. Soon, it was our turn to jump in.

Using just our hands and a Showing off her gnocchibasket, the group began to knead the dough into it’s notorious gnocchi shape. (Let it be known that I managed to struggle with this seemingly simple task.)

Looking back on the taste and tour, the most memorable of all was the five-course meal that was as mouth-watering as it sounds:

  • Caprese with Buffalo Mozzarella and assorted cheeses
  • Potato Almond Cakes
  • Ceci Bean Soup
  • Pasta Fagioli
  • Gnocchi with Lobster and vegetables
  • Housemade gelato with coffee glaze

Take a look at some photos of the experience and these delicious dishes at the taste and tour below:

Purple and white menu on a cream colored table cloth
Tasting plates on a table
A small ball of potato almond cake on a square white plate
Pasta and mushrooms on a white plate
Ceci Bean Soup in a round white bowl
Creamy soup in a white bowl
Ice cream in a clear dish
The chef speaking to the group
The chef preparing the tasting plates
Ingredients in square white dishes
A man with a mustache smiling and looking into the camera
Woman peeling potatoes near a big metal pot
A woman bending over with cooking utensils over a big metal pot
The team watching a demonstration
A woman standing at a table rolling dough
Woman's hands holding a big knife about to cut dough
Chef showing the team how to roll the gnocchi
Rolling gnocchi on a wicker mat
The team rolling gnocchi on black wicker boards
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Thank you Andiamo in Warren for a fun and delicious evening!
Editor’s note: The Healthier Michigan team members were provided a free meal by Andiamo as part of the tasting event. 


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