Healthy Habits from the Healthier Michigan Crew

It should come as no surprise to learn that we’re all about discovering the latest in health and wellness and using those tips in our own lives. And while we’re always trying new workouts and cooking delicious recipes to write about on A Healthier Michigan, some habits have stuck and become a part of our everyday routine.

Here are our favorite ways we’ve found to stay healthy:

Make it an all-day effort.
“I mark my water bottle with lines at different levels and a time next to each mark. When the clock hits that time, I know I should be down to that point. This ensures I’m drinking enough throughout the day—plus my list-loving self finds it incredibly motivating to have a goal. The visual reminder of how much I’ve gulped – or how far behind I am by noon – has really helped me meet my water goals. I also wear a fitness tracker and try to hit 10,000 steps every day. These two things combine to make me more conscious of how much I need to move and stay hydrated throughout the day!” – Lucy Ciaramitaro

Identify patterns that work for you.
“For me, it’s important to keep up my running routine, drink lots of water, meditate, and watch what I eat. My late Nana introduced me to mediation. She used to meditate for thirty minutes every morning. I became interested and she shared some of her techniques. Initially, it was difficult to quiet my mind but eventually I was able to find my center and be comfortable in the stillness. Today I make an effort to meditate every morning and before I go to bed.” – David Murray

Motivate yourself with goals.
“Whenever I’m in an exercise slump, I sign up for a race. Right now I’m training for the upcoming Fifth Third Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, which means I’m committed to running 15.5 miles on May 13. Knowing that I want to feel strong and confident on race day has made me much more consistent about getting three to four runs in every week.” – Julie Bitely

Don’t get stuck in a routine.
“I regularly go to the gym and yoga studio by my house a few times a week. To change things up, I recently got into hot yoga—I became a fan and now do that about once a week as well!” – Jennifer McCallion

Cut back on stress by replacing technology with workouts.
“This year I am working on my mental health – trying to read more and put down technology where I can. I’ve found that my triathlon training is helpful with that. After a stressful day, it’s more beneficial for me to hit the pool or treadmill than sit on the couch and veg.” – Helen Carlisle

Make rules for yourself.
“My routine is pretty consistent: drink lots of water, no snacking after dinner, no alcohol on weekdays (I do this for better sleeping patterns, but it doesn’t hurt to count calories too).” – Mike Miller

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