Why Exercise is Still Important for Weight Loss

A lot of recent health and wellness news has focused on how what you eat plays a larger role in weight loss than how much you sweat. Basically, readers are advised to focus more on their diet, while not overestimating the role exercise plays when it comes to the number on the scale.

If that’s discouraged you at all from lacing up your trainers and making it to the gym, you might want to dust off those shoes and get a workout in. Here’s why:

  • Exercise might change your body’s fat for the better. Recent research shows exercise might be able to help fat cells burn more calories. The theory is that a hormone released during exercise, called irisin, might turn sluggish white fat, which most of us have plenty of, into brown fat, which has more metabolism-boosting properties.  
  • Skinny fat” isn’t a good look on anyone. We all have that friend: the person who eats whatever they want and never works out, yet they look amazing. What you can’t see, however, is how healthy they are on the inside. Even if you’re at a healthy weight, skipping exercise means you’re missing out on the benefits, which include increased flexibility and strength, endurance, a healthier heart and more.
  • That flex. While creating a calorie deficit through diet can help you lose weight, it won’t help you build muscle. Wouldn’t it be nice to see defined abs and bulging biceps once the number on the scale is where you’d like it to be?
  • Exercise just feels good. Healthy eating can make you feel like you’re missing out (here are some tips to counteract that). Exercise, on the other hand, is all about feeling empowered and pushing to see what your body can do. An early-morning workout can set you up to make healthier choices all day long. It’s also thought to improve sleep quality and quantity, helping you tackle the next day’s workout with gusto.   

What’s your go-to workout and why does it work for you? Share with us in the comments.

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