Detroit Named Top Food City: Where to Find Healthy Picks

National Geographic recently named Detroit as North America’s top ‘unexpected’ food city.

It was high praise considering only one city was named per continent. While most of the world knows Detroit for its automotive prowess, Detroit’s revival is bringing with it an array of must-try restaurants.

If you want to try some of Detroit’s culinary standouts without the guilt, here are some delicious options that won’t break your diet:

Seva – Offering up vegetarian and vegan options, Seva has been providing Ann Arbor (and more recently Detroit) fresh and filling food since 1973. Stop in to try the portabella ravioli or their Sunday brunch strawberry French toast.
7 Greens – A relatively new addition to Detroit, 7 Greens is a salad bar filling your bowl (or wrap) with locally sourced ingredients and gluten-free sauces. Order one of their menu classics or fashion your own. 7 Greens even offers online ordering if you’re in a hurry.
Drought – Detroit’s take on an age-old practice, Drought’s premium fruit and vegetable juices are good, and good for you. Using Michigan-grown organic fruits and veggies, Drought’s juices are great for a healthy grab-and-go snack.
Eastern Market – A Detroit staple since 1891, Eastern Market offers visitors a variety of restaurant options. Eastern Market also offers the opportunity to pick up fresh produce, flowers, specialty foods, and goods. Although the marketplace is only open on weekends, many of the restaurants are open all week long. You can stop by for a bite to eat or make a whole day of it.
Detroit Vegan Soul – Soul food might not usually be top of mind when thinking of healthy food, yet Detroit Vegan Soul’s plant-based dishes are a healthy alternative to classic soul food.

For more recommendations on places to eat in and around Detroit or to check out some of the other cities listed in the National Geographic article, read more here.

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