Your 5-Step Plan to Get Organized and Healthy

Trying to be healthier this year? Organization may be the key. Having a cluttered space can cause you to feel tired, depressed and stressed. And the opposite is true: when things are in order, your mind is free to focus on tasks at hand or simply free of worry. Try these quick and easy ideas to tidy up your space quickly, setting you up for your healthiest year yet:

  1. Get rid of junk from your kitchen and pantry. It’s much easier to eat nutritious food if you don’t have unhealthy items tempting you. Pull everything out of your cupboards and refrigerator and toss anything that doesn’t match the way you want to eat to reach your health goals. Replace those items with healthy options in zones throughout your kitchen: fresh fruit bowl on the table, dry nuts in the cupboard, etc. That way, when you’re planning a meal or craving a quick bite, you’ll know exactly where to look.
  2. Toss out old clothes that don’t fit. If you hold on to clothes that used to fit, it’s time to get rid of them. Holding on to your “skinny” clothes turns out to be counterproductive and can take a toll on your self-esteem and motivation. Make room for pieces that make you feel positive and confident.
  3. Make a to-do list every day. Having a to-do list helps you stay on target to meet your daily and weekly goals. It’s also great at reducing stress by moving thoughts and to-dos into one place.
  4. Set up auto-pay for your bills. Staying on top of your financial responsibilities can help you avoid a lot of unwanted stress. Automating as much of your bill payments as possible—everything from electricity to your health insurance—will help you stay on top of what you owe and feel more in control.
  5. The power of making your bed. Whether you believe it or not, having a messy bedroom can cause you to lose sleep and sleep deprivation will keep you from being the healthiest you. Having a made bed can make your room feel a bit more tidy and pulled together, even if everything else isn’t exactly put away.

What other tips do you use to get and stay organized? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Be a creature of habit. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Do not become sleep deprived by staying up too late the night before. And don’t stay in the bed so long in the morning, that you miss opportunities to exercise, do an extra load of washing clothes or cook a healthy breakfast.

  2. Great suggestions, but heard before,and not followed…which made the reading a waste of time. SO? I take a deep breath and try again. Now about the bill paying being computerized…I would worry more about being hacked and my financial info being stolen. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I have the money to write checks, put them in an envelope. It gives me a reason to go to town and then stop for coffee, at a place where I can find acquaintances to share a story or two. I dishwasher all the breakfast dishes, make the bed, put away the night clothes so I come home to less disarray. I must work on the tossing of outdated clothes,..and hoarding of old stuff that I am now sure my children will not want…they have said as much. Trying to be more regular in starting the day, and going to bed @ the same time as Cheryl said.

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