#MIKidsCan Champion of the Month: Staying Active With Remington Lowing

Despite the temptation to stay inactive all winter, you won’t find 10-year-old Remington Lowing sitting down for very long. This dedicated athlete is our #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month for understanding the importance of taking care of your health at all walks of life.

Remington watched his grandfather battle diabetes. As a result of high blood sugars, he eventually lost both legs. The experience has inspired Remington to practice healthy habits that he can carry with him into adulthood.

“When you have a disease, you need to try to be healthier and get moving to overcome it,” Remington explained. “Being healthy means that you’re able to run fast, have more stamina and feel better.”

Like many fifth graders, Remington enjoys dedicating some of his time to video games, however, he knows how to balance screen time and physical activity.

“I don’t play my video games for very long,” Remington shared. “I get bored and feel stiff, so that’s how I know it’s time to move around.”

For the last three years, Remington has found a passion for football, playing defensive tackle on a team at his school. Throughout the off-season, he enjoys playing ping pong, air hockey and encouraging his family to get out of the house.

“A ping pong game turns into a dog walk, which usually turns into a bike ride along the trails near our home,” his mom explained. “Remington is always motivating us to get moving, even after a long workday.”

Do you know a child who deserves to be recognized for their commitment to living a healthy, active lifestyle? Nominate them at AHealthierMichigan.org/MIKidsCan.

Photo Credit: Lani Lowing, courtesy images

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