4 Michigan Foodie Instagrams to Follow Today

As Michiganders, we’re lucky to be able to call our state a food-lovers paradise. Since Michigan is full of delicious berries, farm-to-table meats and lots of fresh, seasonal veggies, it’s easy to get a little taste of everything!

Michigan foodies aren’t just eating all of that delicious food—they’re also posting about it on Instagram. They are filling their feeds with photos of beautiful restaurant dishes, healthy recipes they whipped up at home, farmers markets from around the state and even fresh fruit still on the tree. Turn your Instagram into culinary inspiration by following these four Michigan-based accounts:

The Best of Michigan: With a focus on southeast Michigan, this Instagram account explores unique cuisine. There’s something for meat lovers, dessert junkies and Michiganders with explorative tastes.


Motor City Munchers: This Detroit-based account posts some of the Motor City’s prettiest plates—from breakfast to dinner and every snack in between.


Michigan Chews and Brews: Chews and Brews takes “bar food” to a whole new level, highlighting some of Michigan’s yummiest bar and drink offerings. They even have an interactive restaurant map on their website, making it easy to try some of these items yourself.


A Healthier Michigan: Our own feed features active lifestyle and healthy recipe posts, with a focus on fresh Michigan produce.


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