Fourth of July: Tips On How to Keep Your Family Safe

Fourth of July is an exciting time for families. Not only do you get see some amazing shows, but you get the chance to teach your children about how our beautiful country formed.

Unfortunately, Fourth of July is also one of the most dangerous holidays. According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission an estimated 230 families will have to take trips to the emergency room.

Be proactive when it comes to safety and follow these tips to make sure injuries don’t ruin your holiday fun:

  • Avoid setting off your own fireworks.
    • Although this might be fun, no one’s an expert on how to properly light or set off fireworks, and, let’s be serious, sometimes the experts still get burned.
    • However, if you do plan on setting fireworks be sure they are legal in your area. Getting a ticket and having your fireworks confiscated can be as bad as rain on this holiday.
  • Avoid handing young kids sparklers.
    • Newsweek reports that 36% of fireworks injuries are related to the arms and hands and sparklers are to blame 40% of the time.
    • Although they might seem innocent, to many Americans’ surprise sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees and can cause serious burns. Ouch.
    • A great alternative idea to sparklers is to hand your kids glow sticks!
  • Take precautions.
    • Keep a bucket of sand or water around. When sparklers are done they still can be very hot so dispose of them in sand. Make sure the ember goes out and cools down before throwing it away.
    • Have a broom or another tool on hand to clean up directly after lighting sparklers. Small embers or pieces of metal can fall when using sparklers and it’s best to pick these up before a little one steps on something too hot.
  • Be proactive and keep your first aid bag handy!
    • Always have necessities like bandages and rubbing alcohol ready-to-go.
    • If your child does get hurt by a firework take them to the emergency room. It’s better to be have a professional look at you injuries rather than not!

Make sure to prepare and take the necessary steps to have a safe Independence Day this year. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Photo Credit: Chris Luczkow via Flickr

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  1. Great tips to help keep everyone safe on the Fourth! While some older kids are capable of handling sparklers, you’re asking for trouble if there’s just one small child around who can’t. For

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