13 Creative Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

We all know that getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies is not the easiest task. So, in order to get them to eat healthy snacks, sometimes you have to be creative.

Here are 13 ways (and recipes) to get more creative with your snack planning:

  1.  Strawberry banana snake: This recipe is easy and only requires a few ingredients. Slice up a few bananas and strawberries for a delicious snack that is sure to slither into your kid’s belly.
  2. Butterfly snacks: Break out the craft glue, pipe cleaners and googly eyes! This treat will get your kids excited about snacking and allow them to create their own unique butterfly pin. With a few sandwich bags and clothespins, you can transform grapes and cheese crackers into a healthy snack that will rapidly flutter away at any sporting event or classroom visit.
  3. Bananagrams: Packing notes in a lunchbox is a great way to show your child you care, but what about ditching the paper and putting a sweet note on their banana? All you need to do is write out your message on the banana using a toothpick and your note will become more visible throughout the day while it’s waiting to be consumed.
  4. String cheese snowmen: Do you want to build a snowman? Even though there hasn’t been much snow (yet) here in Southeast Michigan, you can still build away in your kitchen using string cheese and markers. These cute little snowmen are real crowd pleasers during holiday parties.
  5. Frozen yogurt dots: This frozen treat is the perfect snack to hold over little appetites on weekends or during holiday vacations. Frozen yogurt dots only require a cup of yogurt, a sandwich bag, a cookie sheet and, of course, a freezer.
  6. Apple owl: Who doesn’t like owls? Take an apple, a mandarin orange and a pretzel rod to perch this tasty owl on for a great mid-day snack.
  7. Cucumber hummus sandwiches: Hummus plus cucumbers equals snack time gold! Slice a cumber into small round slices and spread hummus evenly across the surface, then place another cucumber on top. Boom. Cucumber hummus sandwiches ready for snack time.
  8. Banana dog: What do you get when you mix a ball park favorite with a classic like PB&J? Banana dogs! Combine a whole wheat bun with a peeled banana topped with peanut butter and jelly and you’ve got yourself an instant snack time favorite.
  9. Egg in bell pepper flowers (pictured): Combining veggies with breakfast can pose a difficult task but these adorable bell pepper flowers might be just the edge you need. Take a bell pepper (any color) slice it in half and place it in a hot skillet. Drop a cracked egg into the pepper and cook until the egg white is firm. Then flip until the yolk is cooked to your desired firmness and ta-da! Breakfast is served.
  10. Fruit sushi: Create your own sushi, no raw fish necessary. All you need is some fresh fruit and few creative ideas and you can mix up these recipes any way that your taste buds lead you.
  11. Fruity quesadillas: This fruity treat can be served for breakfast, lunch or a as an afternoon snack. All you need is some fresh fruit, light cream cheese, whole-wheat tortillas and cooking spray to share this delightful snack with your kids.
  12. Strawberry peanut butter crepes: Strawberries along with peanut butter and a store bought crepe wrap will make for a nutritional snack any time of the day.
  13. Fruit nachos: Who says that nachos have to be drowned in artificial cheese? Take some apple and pear slices along with a strawberry “salsa” and you’ll have a healthier version of this appetizing favorite.

What creative recipes do you make to help your kids eat healthier? Share them with us in the comments.

Photo credit: tracey benjamin

This blog post is part of #MIKidsCan, an initiative created by Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan to promote positive change in the health and well-being of Michigan youth. To learn more about the campaign, visit http://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/mikidscan


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