Full body functional exercises: push-up variations (with video)

Push-ups are a great workout because they build strength in many areas of the body especially the forearms, shoulders, back and chest. Push-ups are also great for pushing your body a little hard than it is used to, which will in turn increase your metabolism. In this video Registered Dietitian, Grace Derocha, with the help of BCBSM team member Kyle Hall, explains how to do a standard, close-stance, wide-stance, and dive bomb push-ups.





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  1. I had a stroke on Halloween, I was doing 30 push ups in the morning and when I got home from work I would do 20 more,before the stroke. Then after the stroke I could not do 8. I have been working at it and I am back up to doing 30 push ups in the morning and 20 at night. Walking every morning and night as well. Still trying more and more every day.

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