3 Easy Snack Swaps to Make this Easter

Easter baskets are often filled with candy or other snack foods. If you’re looking for ways to make this holiday a little healthier, try these easy food swaps:

  1. Instead of marshmallow candies, try dried fruit or trail mix with mini marshmallows added to the mix.
  2. Choose natural dark chocolate bars. Remember, everything in moderation! Dark chocolate has many benefits and contains fiber, zinc and minerals. It’s also high in antioxidants and can even help regulate levels of stress-induced hormones.
  3. Make homemade egg-shaped popcorn balls instead of choosing the cream-filled ones. Try this recipe for healthy stove top popcorn and mold the popcorn using 4 tablespoons of honey melted down on the stove top (1 tbsp. per cup of popcorn). You can even tie a pastel-colored ribbon around the popcorn egg to add to the festivities.

If you’re celebrating, what other ways are you making this holiday a little healthier? Share your thoughts and favorites in the comments below.

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