5 Quick, Kid-Friendly Tricks for Caring for Your Little One’s Teeth

Even though young kids have baby teeth that will ultimately fall out, it’s important to put healthy habits in place early on. Not only can baby teeth develop cavities, leading to poor oral health, but when their adult teeth come in, your kids will already be pros at keeping their pearly whites healthy. Dentists agree: The earlier good dental habits are started, the better. But how to give your toddler the best smile around without tantrums? It takes a little creativity and a few simple tricks.

  1. Monkey see, monkey do: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, early childhood cavities is the number one chronic disease affecting young children. One of the easiest fixes to bad brushing habits is to model exactly what you’d like your kids to do. Sit your young child down tonight while you floss and brush for a full two minutes. Play your child’s favorite song while you do it, showing how much fun it can be to clean your teeth. Then it’s their turn!
  2. App it up: There is a new, clever way to keep kids brushing for the recommended two minutes: smartphone apps. Aquafresh Brush Time and Brush DJ encourage young ones to have correct brushing technique to the tune of kid-friendly songs.
  3. Go electric: Manual toothbrushes are fine, but electric ones designed specifically for kids can make brushing a lot more exciting. Some even light up or play music!
  4. Smile-friendly snacks: Brushing isn’t the only way to boost kids’ dental health. A diet high in calcium is critical for the development of a healthy smile. Try boosting your kid’s dairy intake by making a snack out of yogurt and fresh berries mixed together.
  5. Keep soda to special occasions: Kids might love sugary drinks, but sipping on soda or other sweetened beverages (even juice!) can be bad for teeth. Instead, infuse water with their favorite fruits or whip up a batch of unsweetened iced tea.

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