Inspirational Quotes from Our Nation’s Leaders

In February, America recognizes President’s Day as a time to remember those who have served as the figurehead of the United States.

But you don’t have to wait four score and seven years to adopt healthy habits. You can begin today and make positive improvements in your routine to create a healthy lifestyle that would make our past presidents proud.

If you’re searching for a bit of extra motivation, just look to some of these inspirational quotes from our nation’s presidents and leading ladies.

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Photo credit: Theodore Roosevelt – Jenny Bowen; Bill Clinton – Edward Kimmel; Dwight D. Eisenhower – Grand Central USA!; Thomas Jefferson – Jeffrey; Abraham Lincoln – Loomingy1; John F. Kennedy – Thesmuggler – Night of the Swallow; Barack Obama –Marc Nozell; Gerald Ford – Cliff; Harry Truman – Logan Ingalls; Chester Alan Arthur –Cliff; Michelle Obama – U.S. Department of Agriculture; Eleanor Roosevelt – City of Boston Archives; Martha Washington – Boston Public Library; Laura Bush –Texas State Library and Archives Commission; Feature image by: chascar
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