How to Make Your Extra Day a Healthy One

You’re in luck: This year, February has 29 days, meaning you get 24 more hours to make a step towards a healthier life. With #OneMoreDay in 2016, it’s the perfect time to make a change—whether it’s a small one or something major! And you can track your new health goal with #HealthyMe. By signing up for the free site, you’ll get custom articles tailored to your interests, online goal tracking (even for those small one-day goals) and a community of Michiganders who will support you as you become healthier.

To help get you started, here are five simple goals for you to try on Leap Day:

We’d love to hear how you’re making use of Leap Day—whether it’s one of these goals or something completely different! Share your goal on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #OneMoreDay and #HealthyMe and you may be featured on A Healthier Michigan’s social media sites.

Learn more about #HealthyMe by visiting Looking for more goal-setting tips? Check out these blogs:

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  1. I started slowly on the treadmill and before I knew it I started jogging to keep up increasing the speed! I have done a 5 K and an 8 K in the past month with a goal of 10 races this year! I am training for the 10 K Bellin in Green Bay! I am almost 64 and my goal is to finish the 10 K with a better time than the very 1 st time I did this – >35 years ago! I have dropped 15#, BP under control without medications and keep up with my active family!

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