Newberry Teen Takes Third in National Punt, Pass & Kick Competition

At 13, Katie Rahilly possesses a maturity that many adults could learn from.

“I have goals for everything and they change every day,” the 7th-grader said when asked about her approach to practicing for the various sports she’s involved in. “I try to practice what I’m not as good at, so I can get better at my weaknesses.”

Katie Rahilly holding her 3rd-place trophy. (Courtesy photo)
Katie Rahilly holding her 3rd-place trophy.
(Courtesy photo)

One area the Newberry, Mich., teen doesn’t display much of a weakness in is the National Football League’s annual Punt, Pass & Kick (PP&K) competition. The five-time state champion took third place in national championship competition earlier this year, representing the Detroit Lions in the girls 12-13 age division. A little over 12 feet separated first place from third at the event, held during a game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. Rahilly won last year’s national championship, held in Seattle, and was the only Michigan participant this year.

“It’s a fun experience to just go there, no matter what place you get,” she said.

The middle schooler said her siblings and parents fuel her love of football and sports in general. In addition to her involvement with PP&K, Rahilly plays hockey, basketball, softball, and volleyball. She also ran cross country for the first time this year.

“Hockey’s probably my favorite,” she said.

With four siblings and a big yard, there’s always opportunity to play and practice together, Rahilly said.

“I don’t really like sitting still, so I like to be doing stuff all the time,” she said.

There seems to be no stopping her and Rahilly said her love of sports helps keep her on track in other areas of life.

“It’s probably helped me in school because bad grades don’t play,” she explained.

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  1. What a fine young lady. They don’t get this way alone. They need fine parents showing them the way…..

  2. You make Newberry proud Katie Sue!!! I truly believe you will play hockey for team USA !!! Hard work and dedication!!!

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