Embrace the Season with Natural Scents for your Home

With the beauty of the indigenous produce from around the state, Michigan fruits, spices, and herbs can help eliminate smelly odors from your kitchen, bathroom or living space, without much effort. Here are a few of the best remedies to eliminate pesky odors in your home using seasonal items found around your home:

  1. Use apple absorbers: Michigan apples already taste amazing and can be used in so many dishes, but they also make great scent absorbers. Place a half an apple wherever offensive odors can be found and it will absorb the smell for several hours.
  2. Give “shower fresh” a whole new meaning: Hang a few sprigs of fresh, leafy eucalyptus from your shower head.  When the shower is on, steam will activate odor agents in the plant helping your bathroom smell minty and medicinal. The plant will also last for a long time from when it is fresh, until it long after it’s dried out.
  3. Make a DIY fruit candle: Orange you glad you can make an inexpensive, all-natural candle? This DIY comes together in no time. All you need for this natural fragrance is an orange (with a stem attached), olive or vegetable oil, tools to hollow out the orange, and a match or lighter. Depending on the length of the pith (which will serve as the candle’s wick), the candle should burn for at least a couple of hours.
  4. “Stick” with an original: A hearty handful of cinnamon sticks in an open jar or container brings seasonal freshness to any space. You can also simmer them on the stove with cloves and other fresh ingredients like apple or cardamom for an aromatic way to freshen your whole house.
  5. Light up the room: Rub dried or fresh herbs on cool lightbulbs to emit natural smells when the light bulbs heat up.
  6. Simmer down good smells: A stockpot of water, lemon, rosemary and vanilla simmered on the stove is sure to refresh your kitchen and, ultimately, the odor of your whole house. Be sure to leave the heat on low all day to let rooms become entirely filled with the scent (never leave unattended).
  7. When life gives you lemons, throw them in the garbage disposal: Get rid of a stinky garbage disposal with a little baking soda, lemon, salt, and cold and hot water. The hot and cold water will break away grime and the lemon will leave your kitchen smelling lemony fresh.

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