10 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren in Michigan

Grandparents play a special role in the lives of grandchildren. The unique bond means a grandparent can be there for support and emotional closeness without having to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of a parent. And regular social interaction with your grandchildren can benefit you in more ways than you might think. Studies show that spending just one day a week with your grandchildren is connected to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive orders by keeping your brain sharp. And it doesn’t just benefit you: having a close relationship with your grandchildren helps them learn about their heritage and family traditions.

In honor of Grandparents Day in September, here are 10 Michigan destinations to enjoy with your grandchildren:

Places to visit:

  1. Henry Ford Museum in Detroit: Your grandchildren will get to see incredible historic gadgets and travel back in time with exhibits on the Wright brothers Flyer Replica and presidential limos.
  2. Michigan Science Center in Detroit: Encourage your grandchildren’s curiosity while letting them explore hands-on exhibits. When you are ready for a rest, take a seat in the planetarium.
  3. Detroit Historical Museum: Take a walk down through with exhibits that show what life was like in the city over the past 300 years. A bonus: Admission is free.
  4. Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum: This museum, with exhibits on Michigan nature, how light works and more, is perfect for those with younger grandchildren.
  5. Belle Isle: This historical park is filled with great places to explore like the Belle Isle Nature Zoo and has lots of perfect spots to enjoy a picnic.
  6. Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills: Spend the day roaming the beautiful Cranbrook grounds and stop in at the science museum to see the giant T-Rex model or the Woolly Mammoth on display.
  7. Detroit’s Riverwalk: Before Michigan’s weather gets too cold, take a stroll along Detroit’s River Walk and see the beautiful city landscape and even a glimpse into Canada.
  8. Upland Hills Farm in Oxford: It isn’t always open to the public, but head here on October 3rd for your grandchildren to see animals (like a cow getting milked) and go on a hayride.
  9. Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills:Take in scenic views and see how cider gets made while enjoying an afternoon picnic and delicious fall treats like freshly made donuts.
  10. Michigan State University’s Children Garden in East Lansing: Take a walk through the various gardens and let the kids attempt their luck in the Alice in Wonderland Maze.

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Photo Source: Virginia State Parks


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