7 Easy (and Delicious!) Dishes You Can Make Using Cauliflower

Let’s be honest: Plain, steamed cauliflower is a dish few people actually look forward to eating. It’s kind of boring and a little bland. But don’t write it off quite yet! Cauliflower is actually an incredibly versatile veggie that can add a healthy twist to many carb-heavy recipes. Even better, Michigan-grown cauliflower is available from July through October.

If you’re into comfort foods like mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and pizza, read on for tips on how to boost their nutritional value with a little help from cauliflower.

  1. “Chicken” nuggets: Skip fast food nuggets in favor of these veggie ones! Baked crispy on the outside, yet creamy on the inside, they are kid-friendly and party-ready (and they’re perfect for dipping in light toppings!).
  2. “Rice”: Give cauliflower an Asian kick with a healthier spin on fried rice or sushi. Both use cauliflower that’s processed into tiny pieces as the “rice.” If you’re not into these flavors, you can also make traditional “white rice” from cauliflower, then freeze it for any time you need a side to go with dinner.
  3. Bread: Whether you’re looking for bread to make grilled cheeseavocado toast or cheesy breadsticks, cauliflower can easily serve as the base. The easiest way to start is to mash up the florets and mix with egg and seasonings until the “dough” is thick. Then just bake until firm.
  4. Mashed “potatoes”: All you need to recreate this comfort food is cauliflower, olive oil, salt and pepper (plus a little muscle to mash up the veggie!). If faced with picky eaters, garlic and herbs or low-fat cheese can easily be blended into the mash to jazz up the taste.
  5. Pizza crust: This is the cauliflower trend that started it all and is a must-try for pizza lovers. It’s quick, easy and infinitely healthier than ordering delivery from the local pizza joint.
  6. Taco slaw: Love some crunchy slaw in your tacos, but hate the flavor of cabbage? Shave down some cauliflower stalks to make a delicious (and pretty!) topping that brings back a taste of summer. Be sure to season the shavings with herbs and toppings like mint, parsley and lime juice.
  7. Brownies: Replace flour with cauliflower puree and you’ve got a veggie-friendly way to satisfy your sweet tooth! Your kids will never know the secret ingredient.

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