Hungry? Visit Michigan’s Largest Asian Grocery

In Chinese culture, the number 168 is lucky, meaning, “The beginning to the road to riches.” For us Michiganders, it now represents the road to delicious cooking. Located in Madison Heights, the new 168 Asian Mart carries between 20,000 and 30,000 products in its 38,000-square-foot space, making it the largest Asian market in the state. So what will you find there? Exotic fruits and favorite ingredients from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean cultures. With aisles filled with unique fruits and vegetables, and fresh fish and meat counters, there is something for everyone. Our guide will help you navigate the aisles and score some delicious items!

A variety of flavorful sauces: The shelves are stocked with every variety of bottled sauce you can imagine, like Ponzu dipping sauces, Korean hot sauces and a plethora of soy sauces including organic and gluten-free options. These add great flavor to any dish!

Unique produce and meat: If you’re in the mood for something new, 168 has an array of unique items to try. You’ll find fresh fruits, like mangosteens and dragon fruit, and flavorful vegetables like Shanghai bok choy, winter melon and fresh wood ear mushrooms (which are great ingredients for stir-fry). You’ll even find burdock root, which is often used to make tea. But it’s not all about the produce. Head to the back of the store to see the large fresh seafood counter with live lobsters, shrimp flown in every Friday and Sunday, tilapia and eel. There is also a large meat counter with fresh Chinese pork, perfect for a different dinner option.

Fresh on-the-go: If you work up an appetite while shopping, swing by the in-market food court. There’s a bubble tea bar and traditional Asian dishes such as dim sum, Szechuan, hot pot dumpling soup, fried rice, barbecue Peking duck and roasted pig.

In-house bakery: Pick up freshly baked cakes, pastries and dinner-style rolls. There are over 20 types of rolls to choose from, including savory (stuffed with shredded pork or sesame chicken) and sweet (pineapple and mango).

Health and beauty section: The market offers a wide selection of Asian beauty items, like Korean make-up and shampoo from China, that you won’t find in other supermarkets.

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Photo credit: John Loo

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