Lansing Youth Campers Win New Bikes Courtesy of Blue Care Network

Giant inflatables, group dance routines and competitions in the pool were all part of a special day of celebration for youth campers in Lansing last week.

Kids enrolled at six different summer camp sites through the City of Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department came together to celebrate the active summer they’d enjoyed with a special activities day at Hunter Park.

Four lucky campers even walked away with new bikes as the winners of an activity challenge. Blue Care Network had purchased seven bikes, which were assembled by employees. Three were given away to Cumberland Elementary campers in July. The remaining four bicycles were awarded to winners of a step challenge last Thursday.

All of the campers wore pedometers throughout the summer and the top five kids from each camp site were entered to win one of the four remaining bikes.

Emily Stevens is the Manager of Leisure Services for the City of Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department. She said most campers easily reached more than 10,000 steps on days they attended camp. Many were getting over 20,000 per day.

“It definitely motivates the kids,” Stevens said.

Four bicycle winners pose with BCBSM Senior Community Relations Liaison B.J. Puchala.
Four bicycle winners pose with BCBSM Senior Community Relations Liaison B.J. Puchala.

Christian Taylor, 10, was one of the big winners. Even though he has a bike at home, he said his new bike is “way nicer.”

“I feel so happy because I won,” he said.

Taylor said he’d try to beat his step total every day, basically competing with himself to make sure he was on track to be at the top of the list.

“I was just running a lot,” he said.

Stevens said the camps run over five hours per day, which means that all campers had plenty of opportunity to get moving.

“We don’t sit around,” she said.

How did you keep your kids active this summer? Share with us in the comments. 

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