Chuck Gaidica: A Visit to the 5-H Farms Stand


Editor’s note: Chuck Gaidica is a paid spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, where he works to have real conversations with local people about matters that affect their health. 

I love roadside farmer’s stands. I have traveled the state the past few weekends but could never find one open. I would see the signs but nobody was home.

While driving west from my home to Pinckney, I saw a sign and people manning the store, so I tried to make a mental note as to exactly where it was. On the way back my GPS was telling me to take the expressway but my heart was telling me to wander back to find 5-H Farms in South Lyon. I found it.

The 5-H Farms stand is located on 8 Mile Rd. in South Lyon. It has been around for 11 years and the owner told me they have various farmlands in the area that provide products to their little store.

The first thing I did was reach in my pocket to make sure I left the house with cash, I did. I knew I had a credit card or two, but it is sometimes hard to scan a credit card that close to bean patch.

Fresh fruits and veggies in all colors of the rainbow greeted me. The farm stand was everything I expected from the great layout to the nice owner and her niece. I took a selfie with Carley Hamblin from Westland who was helping her aunt out that day.

I looked everything over good and picked up some of my own healthy colors to eat including:

  • Farm fresh tomatoes for an upcoming BBQ
  • Small cucumbers, which make for great anytime snacks
  • A pint of fresh blueberries

My entire purchase was six bucks and that included the brown paper sacks. Though you may find a better sale price, often you can’t buy fresh berries or corn that you can see from the farm stand. And to me that is a huge bonus.

As you and your family make final summer vacation plans or start thinking of fall tours in Michigan, keep an eye out for the farm stands and markets around the state. This is Pure Michigan and pure joy. Just make sure you bring a little cash. Healthy eating awaits you in South Lyon and beyond.

For help searching for a farm stand or farmers market near you, check out’s interactive search tool at

Do you have a favorite farm stand or market you like to visit? Let us know where to find it by leaving a comment below.



Here’s a look at some pictures from my visit to the 5-H Farms Stand:



Photo Credit: Chuck Gaidica



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