Five Free Apps To Help You Feel Happier and Less Stressed

There are smart phone apps for almost everything related to your physical health: tracking runs while preparing for a race, jotting down what you eat throughout the day and even monitoring your sleep habits. But you may not know that there are also some pretty great apps that focus on your mental health. Whether you are feeling overly stressed, struggle with depression or just need to relax, these five apps can help you feel better:

  1. Breathe2Relax: There are many benefits to practicing deep breathing: It’s a natural pain reliever, can help reduce stress levels and increases blood flow throughout your body. This app (free, Apple and Android) will teach you exactly how to do it through videos and tutorials. Follow along to the inhale and exhale cues and you’ll be deep breathing in no time.
  2. Talkspace: Daily stress at home and work can take a major toll on your mental health. And while talking with a therapist can help, many people don’t know where to find one or have the time to see one regularly. Talkspace (free, Apple and Android) allows you to text and chat with a licensed therapist as much as you want for $25 a week. You can also do couples therapy or live video therapy–all through the app.
  3. Happify: There are specific things you can do to make yourself happier, and this app will help you do them. The games and activities are all based on science and research—the more you do them, the happier you’ll feel! (free, Apple and Android)
  4. Operation Reach Out: People battling mental illness and depression often feel a sense of hopelessness, possibly leading to suicidal thoughts. This app (free, Apple and Android) was created specifically to help service members and veterans who struggle with suicidal thoughts, but it’s a great resource for anyone who needs support and guidance (as well as their families and loved ones).
  5. ReliefLink: This app (free, Apple) is an all-in-one mental health toolkit. Set it up with your details, including your therapist’s contact information, any medication you take and your insurance plan. Then use the app to track moods, set up reminders, learn coping mechanisms, work on relaxation and even see what mental health treatment centers are nearby.

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