Bodyweight Training: The Free Workout Anyone Can Do

When the American College of Sports Medicine came out with their top fitness trends for 2015, it was no surprise what was in the number one spot: bodyweight training. While the name may sound complicated, it actually describes moves you’ve done ever since you were a kid in elementary school gym class. Things like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and squats are all bodyweight moves because they work your muscles without any extra equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands. The rise in popularity is thanks to the fact that these exercises can be done anywhere and require no expensive gear—what’s not to love? And the options are almost endless. If you’ve never done this kind of workout before, these blogs will get you going:

  • Make the World Your Gym With These Bodyweight Moves: For people who are new to bodyweight training, this is a great place to start. The workout takes classic moves like squats, lunges, planks and push-ups and gives you options to make them a little more challenging when you’re ready.
  • 5 Exercises You Can Do Without a Gym: In this blog, basics like push-ups and lunges are given a twist. You’ll try around-the-clock lunges, single-leg bridges and hollow rocks (your core will thank you).
  • 20-Minute Bodyweight Workout: A lot of the moves in this circuit workout have slightly confusing names, so make sure to click on the video link in the blog to see exactly what you should be doing.

While the above workouts focus on strength, you also don’t need to spend any money to get your cardio in (well, except for buying a pair of sneakers). These blogs will get your heart racing without requiring a treadmill or elliptical:

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  1. I just started exercising.
    I want to know administration the shoulders.
    Want to shoulder strength.
    Want the shoulders and chest, like Captain America.

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