Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Outdoor Adventure Center


Did you know that the Globe Building, a former steam engine factory off Detroit’s riverfront, looked like this just five years ago?


From the outside, the building was abandoned and the inside was even worse: abused, rotting and stripped of its most valuable assets.

Today, however, the center is just a few months from opening and is absolutely breathtaking:16693938942_3cc308bf52_bThe center has become the crown jewel of Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and is a facility unlike any other in the nation.

The Outdoor Adventure Center, or OAC, has, literally, left no stone unturned. Every part of the center is a model of its outdoor counterpart. From the life-size elk turned specifically to look guests in the eye as they enter, to the archery range assembled to regulation size, to the official Native American garments adorned by mannequins; everything has been done by the book so that you are truly experiencing the outdoors inside.

In terms of future projects, a massive aquarium is being constructed to display local fish and a 10 ft. wide oak tree will soon be added the building’s interior.

16075021323_dbda109516_bIn the main space of the center, a functional waterfall displays local wildlife and a mining tunnel hides Michigan fossils on the other side. A life-size beaver dam lets adults and kids alike crawl under to see the beavers inside. Hanging above it all is an old plane used to fight wildfires that people can sit in and “fly” under simulation, as well as a duck blind equipped with technology to help identify birds by their look and call.

There are also several classroom and event spaces located throughout the building to accommodate large parties, scouting troops, school visits and more.

A blend of history, sportsmanship and all things Michigan is what this attraction brings to life. As our team toured the center, we all walked around constantly in 360-degree motion appreciating the attention to detail. Even though construction is far from over, the center is already a sight to see.

Admission prices have not been calculated yet but are projected to be under $10 per person, even less for kids, with special free days offered twice per month. The center is projected to open in mid to late summer of 2015.

For more information on the Outdoor Adventure Center, visit their website and follow the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for updates on the center.

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All photo credit: A Healthier Michigan 

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