Five Nighttime Habits of Naturally Healthy People

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to easily keep up healthy habits while you struggle to make it to the gym or eat nutritious meals throughout the day? The difference might be what your mornings look like. Rushing around first thing can often lead to not-so-healthy decisions—you just don’t have time to pack a gym bag or cook breakfast, so you skip your workout and grab fast food on the way to work.

Naturally healthy people, on the other hand, tend to start their days calmly. Their secret? They have a nighttime routine that sets them up for success. Tonight, before you turn in, try these simple steps that will pave the way for a healthier day tomorrow.

  • Plan breakfast. Starting the day off with a nutritious meal jumpstarts your metabolism and gives you instant energy. And the only way to guarantee it happens is to whip up breakfast the night before. Check out our blogs on grab-and-go egg dishes, no-bake breakfast cookies and slow cooker recipes that cook while you sleep.
  • Prepare for your next workout. Remembering to pack all of your workout clothes and toiletries can be tricky in the morning, so make it a practice to load up your gym bag the night before. In the morning, all you have to do is grab the bag on your way out the door. If you shower at the gym and go straight to work, make sure to also pack your clothes for work and makeup if you need it.
  • Pack a lunch. In addition to saving money, packing your lunch is a smart way to make your mid-day meal more nutritious. But it does take time, which is why it isn’t something to leave for the morning. The easiest way to pack lunch is to separate out some leftovers from dinner when you’re putting them away. Try to include whole grains, protein, low-fat dairy and vegetables. And don’t forget snacks like fresh fruit and nuts!
  • Avoid late night eating. A large meal or snack too close to bedtime can cause your digestive system to work overtime, disrupting your sleep patterns and preventing you from falling into a deep slumber. That just makes it tougher to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. That’s why naturally healthy people typically avoid eating after 7 or 8 pm (or if they do need an evening snack, they choose something low in sugar and fat).
  • Create a relaxing bedtime ritual. Many studies show a correlation between lack of sleep and being overweight. That’s likely why naturally healthy people spend the last hour or so before bed relaxing and winding down. Try reading a book or magazine, taking a warm bath, listening to soft music or making simple preparations for the next day.

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