Can Drinking Vinegar Actually be Good for You?

Trends seem to make a comeback every few decades, but these days there’s a new food trend that is resurfacing from centuries ago. Drinking vinegar, which was popular in the Colonial era, has recently made a comeback as a cool beverage that isn’t just refreshing, but also a health remedy.

What exactly is drinking vinegar?

Drinking vinegars aren’t just repurposed out-of-the-bottle distilled white vinegar. They are tasty drink mixers made with fresh fruit, vinegar and sugar. Also known as “shrubs,” drinking vinegars can add a splash of flavor to a cocktail or a non-alcoholic soda. Although vinegar is not typically viewed as appetizing, it can have a refreshing and tart taste when mixed with the right fruit, herbs and spices. They can be made in a variety of flavor combinations including blackberry/thyme, cucumber/mint/honey, cherry/vanilla/maple and strawberry/basil.

And they are supposed to be healthy?

That’s right! Studies show that vinegars are loaded with potential health benefits, including:

What about weight loss?

While some people believe that drinking vinegar causes weight loss by suppressing your appetite, experts tend to reject that theory, saying there is not enough compelling research to support it.

Where can you find drinking vinegars in Michigan?

Michigan is actually home to one of the more popular drinking vinegars available. McClary Bros. handcrafts drinking vinegars using locally grown fruits and vegetables and has a tasting room in Ferndale. Their current selection of flavors includes Detroit Thai Basil, Michigan Apple Pie, Michigan Basil and Michigan Cherry.  If you don’t live near Ferndale, their products are also sold at bars, restaurants and grocery stores across the state. For a full list of places where McClary Bros. drinking vinegars are sold, click here.

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