Dance Your Way to a Happier, Less-Stressed Life

It only takes a few minutes of dancing to understand that it can be quite the workout. It boosts your heart rate, works leg muscles and forces you to work on coordination and balance. But the benefits of dancing go way beyond the physical. Grooving to the music can also do quite the number on your brain power and mental well-being. Here are just a few ways it does that:

  • It helps seniors stay sharp. Research in the New England Journal of Medicine compared different kinds of activity and found that dancing was the only one connected to developing a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It helps you get out of a funk. People who learn to tango report lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression, according to an Australian study. The dancing was actually more effective on stress and anxiety than practicing meditation.
  • It helps you think outside the box. Researchers at the Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire have found that when people improvise dance, where they make up the moves as they go, they become better at problem-solving and creative thinking. The reason: They are more willing to see that there are multiple answers to a problem.
  • It makes you happy. Dancing is better at lifting your mood than other types of exercise, according to research from Italy. They asked cardiac rehab patients to either waltz, go biking or exercise on the treadmill. Yes dancing improved the state of their arteries, but it also made them happier than those who biked or worked out on the treadmill.
  • It helps girls feel better about themselves. A Swedish study showed that teenage girls who went to dance class regularly had higher self-esteem and were better able to handle their daily problems than those who didn’t dance.


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  1. It sure was interesting to know that dancing can lift your mood because it can improve the state of your heart’s arteries. This is a good tip for me because I’ve noticed that my daughter has been lonely since her dog died. What I want is to find a way to make her happy and recover from what happened by diverting her attention. I saw her watching teenagers dancing ballet the other day, so I’ll find a classical ballet class that she can join.

  2. My daughter wants to try dance classes this year as a way to try a new sport. Your article does a great job of explaining how important dance classes can be for your health. I especially like when you talked about people in Tango classes feeling much less stress and anxiety.

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