6 Health Goals You Can Accomplish in One Month

Everyone hits roadblocks in reaching goals at one point or another. But while some goals take months or even years to fully accomplish, others can be achieved in just 30 days!

Exercise, mental health and dietary habits can all be established in relatively short periods of time. A month may not seem long enough to set a precedent, but it often is! If nothing else, a few weeks can start you on a path toward reaching a new goal.

With the right preparation and commitment, anything is possible. Here are some 30-day goals to consider if you’re looking for something new to achieve:

  1. Walk a marathon. By walking up to an hour each day, you can log more than 50,000 steps in just one month! An added bonus: Sundays are rest days.
  2. Go vegetarian. There are several meal-planning guides that help reduce your meat consumption or cut it out of your diet entirely. Some ideas don’t even require cooking.
  3. Play basics on the piano. Though you may not become a Bach or Vivaldi in just a month’s time, you can certainly learn the basics. There are tons of free tutorials online and on YouTube to get you started.
  4. Speak Spanish. Much like the piano, you may not become fluent in Spanish in just one month. But if you have a trip to plan for, or Spanish-speaking friends coming to town, a month’s worth of learning will sufficiently teach you a great deal of any foreign language.
  5. Abandon soda. Eliminating pop from your diet may be tough, but can be associated with weight loss, reduced sugar consumption and other health benefits. Others have done it in just a month and many tips are also available to help you kick the addiction.
  6. Tone arm muscles. A few simple moves can sculpt your arms in just 30 days. Try some simple moves to start or a full routine if you feel ready.

What would you like to accomplish in one month’s time?



Photo credit: Nayu Kim

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