Special Edition of Newspaper to Benefit Northern Michigan Cancer Organizations

By telling the stories of cancer patients and survivors, a northern Michigan newsweekly is raising funds to help those impacted by the disease.

A special “Conquering Cancer” edition of the “Northern Express” weekly newspaper will hit newsstands January 12. You can honor a loved one by purchasing a $20 ribbon that will be printed in the paper’s pages. All proceeds from the ribbon sales will benefit the Munson Cancer Patient Needs Fund and the McLaren Northern Michigan Cancer Survivorship Program. Ten percent of all ad sales for the week will also be donated to the organizations. The deadline to purchase ribbons or ad space for the special edition is Monday, January 5.

Northern Express Publisher Luke Haase said this is the first time the paper has put together an issue specifically devoted to exploring cancer, its treatment, and its stories throughout northern Michigan. He expects the idea will likely become an annual tradition.

“This concept came about because we wanted to begin to do more in the community,” Haase said. “We will do a similar thing in November when we have a special “Saluting Veterans” issue that will benefit local veterans groups. We have a powerful megaphone in the region, so we also have a responsibility along with that.”

The paper has sold about 50 of the $20 ribbons so far, which are available in different colors to represent several unique types of cancer.

The Munson Cancer Patient Needs Fund provides financial assistance to patients when other means have been exhausted. The fund helps pay for supportive care such as transportation, childcare, and utilities during treatment, as well as prosthetics.

The McLaren Northern Michigan Cancer Survivorship Program is a four-week course that offers education and support to cancer patients and their family members. Sessions focus on living well with a cancer diagnosis.

If you’re a reader of the “Northern Express” and would like to honor a friend, family member, or co-worker who has faced cancer, order ribbons here.

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