Accomplish Your #HealthyMe Goals by the End of December

DeathtoStock_Fitness132014  is quickly coming to a close. Have you met your #HealthyMe goals yet? If not, there’s still time! With over 10,000 members in the #HealthyMe community and nearly 1,500 goals created, there’s never been a better time to achieve success with the help of others.

Here are some quick tips to get you started on the right path out of this year and into 2015:

  • Cutting out tobacco:  

Replacing this unhealthy habit with better alternatives like exercise (take a brisk walk or do a few jumping jacks on, what is normally, a smoke break), dietary replacements  like carrots, sugarless gum, or nicotine substitutes, are great ways to wean yourself off of smoking. Take things slow and aim to see progress. Cutting back significantly before the end of the year is much better than thinking you quit for good and then falling off the wagon later on.

  • Diet and Nutrition: 

Many members of our #HealthyMe community aimed to lose weight and eat more nutritious meals. Through December, try to cut out one unhealthy item at a time like chips, sugar or diet pop. Start small and swap one guilty dish for a healthy one, you can even try to incorporate healthier food into your holiday meals with family. Every little bit counts.

  • Disease Prevention: 

Though it’s unrealistic to avoid holiday splurges entirely, being mindful of your diet over the next month could help lower your blood pressure, control cholesterol levels and regulate diabetes. An indoor workout twice per week, to start, is also a great way to stay active while avoiding the cold outside.

  • Fitness and Exercise:

Between losing weight, learning a new activity and building stamina, making a fitness routine can be a chore. Doing it with others can certainly help though! Try out some classes with friends to ease the burden of a tight schedule or,instead of taking your kids to just see Santa at the mall, work out with him instead.  Being active with others can help motivate you and make a schedule stick.

  • Healthy Cooking:  

#HealthyMe opened the door, for many, to try new recipes and test out new diets like vegan and gluten-free. In the holiday season ahead, try making vegan stuffing or putting out one sugar free dessert, along with other options. Starting with simple choices is an easy way to bridge healthy cooking into the new year.

  • Running and Training:

Running more than you ever have is a great goal to progressively increase. Trying out a seasonal run or doing some interval training indoors are both great ways to start a running regiment. If you like to be outside, make a geocaching trip into a race! The fun experience will push your running to new highs.

  • Stress Relief: 

This time of year, there’s lots to be thankful for. If you’re seeking some stress relief or satisfying sleep, regulate patterns of normalcy with a warm cup of tea, meditating on things you’re grateful for, trying a few yoga poses before bed or writing some thoughts in a gratitude journal.

Have you reached your #HealthyMe goals yet? If not, how do you plan to? Tell us in the comments below!

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    1. That’s a great idea, Denise! Workouts at the park or in your own home may be some easy ways to start. We’ll look forward to hearing about your progress!

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