The High-Tech Way to Become Way Less Stressed

High tech ways to stress lessIn our fast-paced society, it’s inevitable to feel stressed out every now and then. But if that happens too often, you could be doing your mental and physical health a lot of harm. That’s why it’s so important to cut down on your stress levels if they get too high for too long. So how do you do that? In addition to classic methods like meditation, massage and yoga, there are some brand new high-tech gadgets designed to analyze your everyday activities and help you stress less.

Olive – Olive is a bracelet that uses various sensors to determine your stress levels throughout the day. When your stress levels spike, the bracelet gently vibrates and lights up. The user can then swipe one way to launch a stress management exercise, like a deep breathing or meditation session, or swipe the other way to decline for later. It also syncs with your smartphone to give real-time results regarding your stress levels throughout the day and show you patterns. Olive is nearing the end of its Indiegogo campaign and should be available at the end of November for $169.

Spire – Spire ($149) is similar to Olive in that it’s a small sensor that measures your body’s vital signs and breathing patterns to show when you’re focused, stressed or anxious. But instead of a bracelet, Spire is a small metal clip that goes on your clothing. Spire analyzes your activities and alerts your smartphone when you need to refocus or reduce your stress (the notifications say things like: You haven’t taken a deep breath in 30 minutes).

Muse – Muse ($299) is a wearable headband that claims to effectively eliminate stress in a matter of minutes. It looks similar to the Google Glass, hooking behind your ears and across your forehead. Once you have it on, you work through a guided brain exercise while Muse tracks your brain activity. The calming exercises teach you to quickly identify distractions and refocus. Over time you’ll become better and better at staying focused, helping you reduce stress and become more self-aware.

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