6 Simple Ways to Detox Your Life

Easy ways to detox your lifeYou know removing toxins from your life is a good thing, but how do you actually do it? The answer has nothing to do with going on a juice cleanse and everything to do with tweaking your surroundings and what you put in your body. We break the process down into six easy steps so that you can live a less toxic life without getting stressed out about it.

  1. Clean up your cleaners. Harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products may kill germs, but they also can do a number on your health if you inhale them or absorb them into your body. They can cause lung irritation, headaches and disrupt in hormones. Swap them out for more natural packaged cleaners or make up a batch yourself using ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil and clove oil. Learn some DIY recipes here.
  2. Bring in greenery. Place a houseplant in each room to help eliminate toxins from the air. Try one of these top 10 purifying plants, like a Ficus or Lady Palm.
  3. Lose the artificial scents. Make sure to use pure beeswax candles and all natural fragrances to keep your home smelling good without harmful carcinogens.
  4. Go organic when it counts. Everything you eat and drink gets absorbed into your body. Choose foods with the fewest additives and, when buying any of the fruits and veggies on the dirty dozen list, opt for organic.
  5. Clean up your H2O. Drink filtered water and avoid using BPA-containing plastic water bottles. They often contain harmful chemicals that leech into the water you drink and get absorbed into your body.
  6. Look at cosmetics labels. Keep in mind that what you put on your body gets absorbed as well. Some drugstore cosmetics and lotions contain chemicals like formaldehyde, petroleum, mineral oil and coal tar dyes that can have negative effects on your health. Seek out moisturizers with natural ingredients when you can. Often, the fewer the number of ingredients, the better.



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