Take your shot at winning an iPad this flu season

on the phoneEach flu season 111 million workdays are lost due to illness, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Michigan’s flu season will hit its peak in the winter, and experts anticipate as many as 20 percent of Americans will get the flu this year. The chances you or someone you know will come down with a contagious respiratory illness by that time is pretty high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the best way to protect yourself, and those around you, is to get a flu shot.

Who should get vaccinated? According to the CDC, everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every season. The flu shot is especially important for people who have chronic health conditions such as asthma or congestive heart failure. Here’s a full list of people who are at high risk of developing flu-related complications.

Do I need to see my doctor for a referral? No. However, tell your doctor if you get a flu shot from another source. You’ll also want to let him or her know the date of your flu shot, so they can properly keep track of your medical records.

How much does the flu shot cost? Blue Care Network members* receive a free flu shot as part of their benefits package, even those without pharmacy coverage. Additionally, Blue Care Network is rewarding members this year by giving away 16 GB iPads to four lucky members who receive a flu shot between July 2014 and February 2015. Once members have received their flu shots, they can enter a drawing for a chance to win.* Entries must be received by March 1, 2015. Winners will be notified by phone in April.

Where can I get a free flu shot? Call your local pharmacy to see if they provide flu shots. Remember to ask if they participate with the Blue Care Network and bring your BCN ID card with you. You can also get your flu shot by visiting your primary care physician. However, co-pays may apply. Getting your flu shot is not only a win for your health (and free through your BCN coverage) but you could also be entered to win an iPad!

So, if you haven’t already, visit your primary care physician or participating local pharmacy to get your flu shot today.

*While BCN highly encourages you to get your annual flu shot, it’s not required to enter the drawing. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network employees, spouses and dependents are not eligible for this giveaway.  While Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO members are not eligible for the iPad drawing, flu shots may still be covered under your benefits. Check your coverage by logging in to your account at bcbsm.com, clicking on Medical under My Coverage and looking underWhat’s Covered.



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