#MIKidsCan Monday: 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Child Into Art

For most people, art appreciation comes with age. But there’s no reason not to start early with your kids! Art can be educational, a creative outlet and, above all else, fun. Studies have even shown that art education may level the playing field between students of different financial statuses. This could provide a more stable learning environment in classrooms, workplaces and more in the long run.

So if you like art, odds are, you will want to pass on such feelings to your kids. Here are some easy ways to engage your child in art and get creative together:

  1. Take them to museums- different hands-on and informal museums allow kids to interpret and make art as they please. If your kids are of age, taking them to nicer museums like the DIA or Cranbrook forces them to behave and appreciate valuable works of art too.
  2. Make art together- find a picture you and your child like and try to re-create it on canvas or paper with paint, crayon or another colorful medium. Your different interpretations may expand their mind or make you both laugh!
  3. Incorporate a musical or artistic activity into their lives just as you would physical activity- most parents recognize the importance of offering their kids ways to stay physically active, but why not offer artistic options too? Let your kids try an instrument or take a painting, drawing or photography class. If nothing else, these offerings can turn into hobbies to carry them through life.
  4. Visit recycled material centers-  many places like Arts and Scraps and The Scrap Box offer creative recycling options. From pickle jars and old keys to fabric and foil scraps, there are many unique materials to help your little one get into art.
  5. Check out outdoor works- exhibits like ArtPrize, Inside|Out, The Heidelberg Project and others are fun, colorful places kids will enjoy. The pieces there are often seasonal, and a great way to explore different cities. Kids love interacting with these exhibits, while being active at the same time.

With so many opportunities in Michigan, it’s easy to get your kids into art and have family fun at the same time.

How have you gotten your child into art? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Ana

This blog post is part of #MIKidsCan, an initiative created by Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan to promote positive change in the health and well-being of Michigan youth. To learn more about the campaign, visit https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/mikidscan

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