#MIKidsCan Monday: 4 Creative Tips to Help Your Child Fall in Love With H20

Kid drinking water

Water is essential for the body, especially for small bodies that are continuously growing. We all know the many benefits of water but it can be a hard sell for young kids to get on board with drinking water. Understandably so, because it is clear and doesn’t taste like much, so how can you make drinking water more exciting for your children?  Here are four ways that will help turn bland, plain old water, into a drink that your kids will love.

  1. Use crazy straws and colorful cups to make it look more appealing. A tall, cold glass of water may seem appealing to an adult but a kid views that as boring. Make drinking water fun for your kids by adding a crazy straw to a colorful cup, one with their favorite character on it will probably work best.
  2. Add some frozen fruit to add flavor. Drop in lemon, raspberries or even frozen grapes to add some taste to the water. The little pop of flavor will make it more appealing without the added sugars that are included in other water enhancers.
  3. Reward them with a glass of juice after they drink their water. Most kids will do something they don’t want to do if they get some sort of prize for completing the task. Help them get their daily dose of water by giving them a glass of their favorite juice after they have finished their water.
  4. Make fun ice cubes for the water. There are many varieties of ice cube trays available that will turn ice into just about anything. So instead of using plain old ice cubes, try getting an ice cube tray that will transform the cubes into their favorite animal or cartoon character.

There are many different fun and creative ways to get your child to fall in love with water. What are some ways you get your kids to drink their H20? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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This blog post is part of #MIKidsCan, an initiative created by Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan to promote positive change in the health and well-being of Michigan youth. To learn more about the campaign, visit https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/mikidscan

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