ArtPrize 2014: Our Top 8 Healthy Favorites

ArtPrize crowds from a previous year.
ArtPrize crowds from a previous year.

If you haven’t checked out this year’s ArtPrize app, there’s a great new feature that lets you make lists of the art that inspires you.

We made our own list of paintings, photographs, and installations that we felt celebrated healthy lifestyles and communities that are worth checking out.

Take a walking tour to get some exercise and enjoy the entries and venues that will stick around Grand Rapids through October 12. Here’s what inspired us about some of the pieces we added.

Healthy aging. Check out The Walking Art Project and The Living History Project for a deeper appreciation of our senior citizens.

Environmental undertones. A Greenhouse for Life, Breathe, and Joy’s Horizon, Bridging Communities all celebrate the earth in their own ways.

Kids’ health. We liked Little Ballerina and the Buddy Bench project for their focus on activity and inclusion, respectively.

Getting active. Who wouldn’t want to take a spin on the bike from After Mardi Gras … everything gets beaded? Figures in Motion also made us want to move.

Pup power. Cute dogs being active at Grand Rapids landmarks? DogCity USA had us at first bark, especially if you walk your own dog down to see it.

Time to rest. Sleep and downtime are important to your health. Check out Dream and Take Time for the Clouds for inspiration.

Beating the big C. Seasons-Journey of a Cancer Survivor shows a powerful story of beating this disease.

Location, location, location. Two artists have work displayed at our downtown Grand Rapids headquarters. While you’re enjoying Lake View I and II and Abstract Formation, pop into our walk-in customer service center for any insurance questions you have.

Download the ArtPrize app to your iOS and Android devices so you can curate your own lists of art to share with your friends.

See our full list, which includes more art celebrating the beauty of West Michigan, vegetables, and more. With over 1,500 entries, it’s entirely possible we missed something!

What have you seen at ArtPrize that you would add to our list?

Photo credit: Brandon Bartoszek



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