4 Non-Traditional Ab Workouts

Weight pressOne of the most sought after looks are tight, ripped abs. There are potentially hundreds of exercises that attack the abs directly. But what if you want a little bang for your buck? Meaning, what exercises can you do that will work your core and other muscle groups at the same time? Here are four exercises that indirectly work your core.

  • Alternating dumbbell curls: this exercise would be performed by alternating between your left and right arm while curling a dumbbell. When you alternating arms, you body is forcing itself to stay balanced. This movement activates your core to keep your body stabilized.
  • One arm dumbbell press: this exercise pretty much uses the same idea as the alternating dumbbell curls. When you are doing this movement with one arm, your core is activated to keep you stabilized.
  • Windmill squat: This movement incorporates the squat with a twisting movement that brings the core into play. This exercise can be done without any weight.
  • Floor L-sit: This is probably one of the more difficult exercises to perform. You use your hands to push your body up off of the ground and extend your legs forward, making an “L” shape overall. This stance not only works out you arms but it activates the core.

What are some other non-traditional ways to workout your core? Share your tips in the comments below!

Photo credit: Steven Leggett

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  1. I’m not sure if planks are considered traditional, but I do these because this position is low risk for poor form. Strong abs not only look good but strong abs support the spine and spinal health matters. There are cool yoga moves, too. I have to look those up before I can share though because I’m a novice yogi, no instance recall for specifics.

  2. If you’re aiming towards a “ripped” abdominal area, abs are mostly created in kitchen. Eating every 2-3 hours will help reduce your body’s ability to store food as unecessary fat. A convenient but yet very beneficial snack is raw almonds. These are high in protein, mono and polyunsaturated fat (good fats). Also, switch from white rice to brown rice. Two very easy fixes to make strides in showing the highly desired 6-pack. With a strict diet and a regular workout regimen, showing significant gains in the mid-section is possible. Exercising the core is still very beneficial to help improve posture, lower back pain at the computer, and everyday movements. A couple of my favorite core exercises are roman chair, scissor kicks, and the beloved burpee!

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