#HealthyMe: Don’t Let Stress Get in the Way of a Good Workout

AHM team member Adriane Davis and Jeri Mommaerts, director for the Marquette Marathon bike riding through the half-marathon route.

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in the Upper Peninsula with my co-workers at the beginning of August. We explored parts of Michigan I had not been to before and it was beautiful. One day we took a bike ride on the Marquette Half Marathon route with Jeri Mommaerts, director of the Marquette Marathon. The route winded through a peaceful forest, through downtown Marquette and onto the shores of Lake Superior. A lot of the trails we rode were only accessible through walking or biking, but they were some of the best views in Marquette.

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Helen Battersby bike riding

During the bike ride I was reminded of how much I enjoy bike riding.  It is a great work out and gives you the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nice weather. I am in the midst of planning a wedding that is just two months away and it is easy to great wrapped up in all the stresses. I realized bike riding would be an excellent way for my fiancé and I to relieve stress and get fit for the big day!

If you are unsure of where to bike ride, look no further! The state of Michigan has so many different trails and paths for bike riding. From Mackinac Island to the Detroit Riverfront, there is something for everyone. I even used to enjoy bike riding to my classes at Michigan State University. The warmer months aren’t the only time for biking either, snow biking has become popular and I am definitely going to try it this winter.  My #HealthyMe goal is to learn how to incorporate a variety of fitness and nutrition into my lifestyle so I can carry those habits into my marriage.

Do you have a favorite Michigan bike trail? What is your a favorite stress relieving workout?

Photo credit: Helen Battersby

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