I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…Popsicles!

Pop ShopDetroit dessert aficionados rejoice: The Detroit Pop Shop supplies the perfect gourmet ice pops for foodies, kids and lovers of all sweet treats. A devotion to locality and use of fresh ingredients, makes Pop Shop pops both delicious and mindful of local business.

Business owners Hildie and Bryan Haviland started their ice pop distribution this summer and have stolen hearts ever since. A vibrant social media following has also put Pop Shop popsicles on the map, providing a medium to share unique flavors and one-of-a-kind popsicle varieties

The best news of all, is that the Pop Shop’s ice pops are also pretty healthy. Hildie’s allergies to certain foods spurred a creation of homemade popsicles that could be available to everyone, even those with dietary restrictions. The Pop Shop prides itself on a use of seasonal fresh ingredients and healthy swaps like yogurt for cream, among others. Most pops are also gluten free, vegan and all natural. Plus they’re homemade, guaranteeing popsicles unlike any other!

Hildie Haviland, owner, Detroit Pop Shop. Photo credit: Taylar Kobylas

Although the brand says their most popular popsicles include lemonade varieties like strawberry lemonade and watermelon lemonade, the Pop Shop features some pretty out-there pops: Faygo red pop float, grapefruit habanero, carmel corn, chai tea, cantaloupe mint, strawberry balsamic and Oreo, just to name a few. There are also meatsicles (popsicles with a salty-sweet emphasis such as cantaloupe prosciutto) and boozesciles for the 21 and over crowd.

The Detroit Pop Shop appears at pop up locations each week like the Detroit Eastern Market and Rustbelt Market, but also at stores like City Bird Detroit. They have had limited quantities featured at Detroit staples like Buddy’s Pizza and will soon be stocked at Eastern Market’s Mootown Creamery as regular menu items. They have also started catering local events, even providing to rock stars like Jack White and performers at Brooklyn, MI’s Faster Horses Festival.

The Pop Shop’s first summer sale season will wrap up around the end of September. They said they are on the hunt for a permanent production location, in addition to a possible storefront. For more information on where and when to acquire Detroit Pop Shop popsicles, check out their website and stay tuned to their frequently updated social channels.

Have you tasted a popsicle from Detroit Pop Shop? what’s your favorite flavor?

Photo credit: Robert

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  1. Popsicles are just as bad as soda or fruit juice. Anyone promoting this as healthy should be ashamed of themselves.

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