Reality Bites: How to Get Back on Track After Vacation

Get back on track after vacationSummer vacations are so fun and relaxing…until they’re over. It can seem like within an hour of returning home, you feel bloated, tired and stressed out by your crazy-long to-do list. Well take a deep breath and make the transition back to reality a little smoother and healthier with these tips:

  • Move on. Don’t beat yourself up for rebelling against your typical workout and healthy eating routines. So what if you lunched on corn dogs and lazed around on the beach all day. Accept that it was a break and not the norm and focus on what you can do moving forward to return to your pre-trip habits.
  • Go to the grocery store. Your fridge is bare and you’re used to eating out on whatever food looks tasty. Hit the brakes on another week of take-out by restocking your cupboards with the essentials the day you get back.
  • Stay hydrated. Long flights, days in the sun and those afternoon cocktails can really dehydrate you. Be sure to drink a lot of water the first few days back in to the real world to give your energy levels a much-needed boost.
  • Exercise. There’s no better way to get rid of vacation guilt than by working up a good sweat. Hit the gym, hit the pavement, hit the pool–just get moving!
  • Reset your sleep. A regular sleep routine is usually out of the question when it comes to getaways. Reset your schedule and get back in to solid sleep pattern to make the transition back in to the real world more bearable.



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  1. Prepare for your first day back at work by having everything ready to go the night before. Lay out your clothes, put your laptop and bag by the door, and pack your lunch. Keep your keys, coat, and shoes together. After a long day of traveling, you will be less likely to forget something the next morning. You can adjust to the regular pace without giving up benefits of relaxing on holiday. Let’s face it, frantically dashing around in a high state of anxiety is not the best way to start your work week.

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