#HealthyMe: I spy with my little eye…

glassesAs with most everything I do for my health, my motivation lies with being the best I can for my little girl. I love watching her grow and do all kinds of cool, and often crazy, things. I can’t imagine not being able to see these things.

But what if I couldn’t see her grow up? Literally, what if I couldn’t see her?

I’ve always had excellent eyesight. Near, far, nighttime: I could always see great. I’ve never had to worry about it. So it was a little disconcerting when I noticed over the last several months that something was off, even if by just a fraction. I couldn’t see quite as well at night or over the same kind of distance. My vision would blur occasionally.

I’d taken my vision for granted. I hadn’t been to an eye doctor in well over 20 years, but with the change in my vision and my commitment to taking #HealthyMe seriously I decided to make an appointment and have things checked out.

It turns out there has been a little slip in the vision of my right eye. I have some far-sightedness and a slight astigmatism. The doctor said a very mild pair of prescription lenses would get me corrected and back to normal.

Getting older is a drag and our vision naturally deteriorates. Despite my new need for glasses, my eyes are still very healthy and accurate. Sure, they’ll probably get a bit worse over time, but by getting glasses now I’m putting less strain on them day to day which is good given the amount of time I spend in front of a monitor.

All the better to see my little girl with.

Photo credit: reway2007

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