Adults can play sports too!

Kids aren’t the only ones who can participate in recreational leagues, adults can participate too!

There is no reason why only kids can qualify to join sports teams, when parents may have a desire to try these sports as well.  This is a great opportunity for adults to get active, and set a great example for their kids when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a fun way.

There are leagues for everything from basketball and volleyball, to bowling and broomball. Adults can either join a league with a group of friends who they already know, or work with, or even join a team blindly and meet new people around the same age.  Most of these organizations provide the opportunity to create your own team within the league, or join a team as an individual.

There are several organizations in the Detroit area that put together adult sports leagues, and Come Play Detroit is just one of those.  Some of the other organizations in Detroit that offer adult leagues consist of Social Club Detroit and Detroit Sports Club.  The leagues are ongoing throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor. Not only can you decide which season works best for you, but also the days and times of the week that you are able to participate. The level of expertise in these sports can also be chosen when registering, so that the leagues are even, and competition is fair. Below is a list of the sports that are offered through Come Play Detroit, along with the registration link:

  • Basketball: There are times that are available to bring your own team for a tournament when registering, allowing you to spend time with your peers, and meet other adults on competing teams.
  • Bowling: If running around a field or court isn’t your thing, bowling may be a great opportunity for you to be active, without straining yourself.
  • Broomball: Not many people have tried broomball, so this could be the perfect chance to try something new and maybe even show your kid a different sport as well!
  • Flag Football: This sport is hosted in Belle Isle Park, and is a co-ed league, allowing you to incorporate even more of your friends into your team getting active.
  • Kickball: Are you missing kickball from when you were a kid? This is a great chance to re-live the glory days of kickball.
  • Softball: There are both co-ed teams, as well as gender-specific, making it your choice of competition. Located in different parks around Detroit, softball has always been a classic sport that is very interactive.
  • Volleyball: This is a league that is divided into two separate locations of your choice.  You can either participate on sand outdoors, or hard floors indoors.

Click on the sport that interests you most, and register to join an adult league! If you are still hesitant to join, stop by one of the upcoming games in order to get a feel for the environment and the league.  Follow through with your healthy lifestyle, while having fun and setting a great example for your kids by joining one of these adult sports leagues!

Photo credit: UW Health


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