Best Parks to go for a Picnic

Picnic PicWhen the weather calls for sunny skies, a picnic is also in the forecast. It’s not often that you get a chance to unwind and enjoy both nature and a meal. Picnics can be a great lunchtime getaway for hard workers, a thoughtful surprise for your special someone or just a fun way to get in some fresh air with family and friends. These six parks offer both beautiful eating spaces and fun for after the forks go down.

1. Belle Isle

Traveling to the heart of downtown Detroit to Belle Isle for a picnic is a great balance of urban and beautiful scenery.  Belle Isle runs right along side of the river walk, and provides a view of the ambassador bridge. You can also see right into Canada. The beautiful sights are more than enough to make your experience at Belle Isle one of the best.

2. Kensington Metropark

Enjoy your meal right off of Kent Lake and experience wildlife. Kensington Metropark in Milford, is a beautiful wooded area that calls to the wildlife. This is definitely a hot spot for the outdoorsy folks.

3. Heritage Park

Heritage Park has the space for food fun and field games. Located in Taylor, Michigan, this park has lush greenery great for both grilling and gaming. After your meal, start up a game of kick ball, or drop a line and do a bit of release fishing.

4. Independence Oaks

Independence Oaks is perfect for nature lovers. Gobble down your lunch while floating along the lake. Surrounded by tons of wildlife in the thick wooded area, take in the sights including the natural waterfall features that are along the marked nature trails.

5. Stepping Stone Falls

The beautiful waterfalls make this area peaceful and serene. This Flint park has free admission. There is a light feature at night that makes for a breathtaking evening dining experience.

6. Kellogg park

Kellogg Park is the central hub of downtown Plymouth. This peaceful, playful and open space is a hot spot for locals to come and relax. Be sure to go on a Friday and catch the artist for Music in the Park.

Visiting anyone of these parks would make for a cute day-date, or a relaxed day out with the family. What are your favorite picnic spots in Michigan?

Photo credit: Chloe Lim and A Healthier Michigan

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