Give back this weekend with Arise Detroit’s Neighborhoods Day

Being a Detroiter means being a part of the positive change going on within the city. If you’ve never volunteered in Detroit before, this weekend is your chance! Arise Detroit’s 8th annual Neighborhoods Day provides organizations a means to start a volunteer network, and volunteers a chance to give back. The day is a win-win for city and citizens alike.

Neighborhoods Day, in essence, is a giant culmination of volunteerism. It is a series of volunteer improvement events throughout Detroit that seek to better the city. From community cleanups to concerts and health fairs, the day seeks to energize and revitalize Detroit. Events vary in size from just 20 participants to over 1,000. Each depends on the size of the volunteer base and location of the volunteer site.

For the first time, Arise Detroit is also partnering with two out-of-state nonprofit groups, Rebuild America and Rippling Hope, to repair homes. Both groups are set to bring in hundreds of volunteers to work on projects. Local participating organizations range from local groups like TechTown and Motor City Blight Busters to major corporations like the Chrysler Group, Target and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michiganamong others.

Over 200 community gatherings have been organized by participating groups. Events run throughout the city at different times during the day. The complete list of events and locations is listed online in addition to the volunteer form.

Arise’s mission is to “inspire a community of active engagement, personal responsibility and hope by connecting people to opportunities and resources, to transform the quality of life for all Detroiters.” Neighborhoods day does just that.

And if you can’t make it out this Saturday, Arise continually has volunteer events seeing to improve life in Detroit. Stay in touch with their efforts to contribute to helping Detroit rise up.

Photo credit: Summer in the City

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