Experience the Eastern Market this weekend

Eastern MarketIf you’re looking for a way to get great food, support a thriving community, and have a great time shopping, the Eastern Market does it best.

Farmer’s markets are important community anchors. There are farmers markets all across the state. They are a great way to challenge yourself to eat healthier and try something new every time that you go.

The Experience

Going to the farmers market allows for a unique shopping experience. Buying some of the freshest products from farmers and other vendors in the heart of downtown Detroit, creates an entirely different atmosphere than that of a commercial grocery store.

The Eastern Market not only provides great food, but you can also take in sights of the city. There are classes for you and members of your family to enjoy. Michigan State University has a kiosk at the market on Tuesdays and Saturday’s for nutrition and preservation tips. Other classes are offered in the community kitchens.

Homegrown Food

Eastern Market sells some of the freshest foods grown from farms all over the state, including Detroit’s own urban gardens. Young farmers from the city bring produce, including black radishes and a variety of cucumbers that cannot be found in grocery stores.

Much of what can be bought at the Eastern Market is organic, making it better for you and your family.  Michigan berries are delicious and very popular when in season. Thimble berries, gooseberries, or ground cherries are some of the best that the Eastern Market has to offer.

The best part of having home grown food, is that the farmers that grow it will be there. Visiting often allows you to create a relationship with the people who grow your food, allowing you to learn more about the food you eat. Having this connection with the farmers also means that they can give you tips on how to cook your food and share recipes.


Eastern Market is even great for budget shoppers. The Eastern Market offers a program of Double up Food Bucks. With this program you can buy a maximum of $20 worth of fruits and veggies that have been grown in Michigan per day. Bridge cards are also accepted.


The Eastern Market is open more often than most farmers markets. It’s open on both weekends and Tuesday’s.

Having the market open on Tuesday is a new feature that benefits both shoppers and farmers. It gives customers the option to swing by on the way home from work and gives farmers more opportunities to meet and get to better know who they are selling to.

Check out the Eastern Market this weekend before you decide to go to your local grocery store, to get a better taste of your city.

Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan 


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