Improve your mental health with music and Michigan concerts

You may have heard that many physical ailments can be relieved or cured thanks to music. Studies have shown that it can reduce perceptions of pain, motivate you to push through workouts and improve endurance standards. But did you know that your mental health can be aided by music too?

It’s easy to see how music can be a great health solution. More often than not, it feels good to kick back and jam out to some tunes. If you process it right, music can become meditative and you can lose all sense of time and responsibility while relaxing to the sounds. From simply sitting in your headphones to enjoying an outdoor concert, there are many ways to enjoy musical stylings and get healthier in the process.

Here are just a few of the mental health benefits of music:

The even better news is that if you’re sick of your music player’s same old content, there are plenty of opportunities to experience live music in Michigan this summer! Here are some upcoming events spread across the mitten in many different musical styles:

If festivals aren’t up your alley though, there are many places to find full lists of Michigan concerts too. They occur all over the state and can be specific to your preferred artists.

So whether it means catching a full series or just one musical event, taking time to rock out could be extremely helpful for your health. What concerts or festivals are you looking forward to this summer?

Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan



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