Let your dog off the leash this weekend

Dog ParkOne of my favorite HealthyMe tasks is taking our rescued Boxer to the new Detroit Dog Park. Uli is just a year and a half old and she is a bundle of energy. On days when she hasn’t had a chance to use up enough of that puppy power, taking her out to run and play with other dogs is fantastic!

We have taken her to other areas to run and play, but for Uli nothing seems to get her as excited as being able to play with her doggie pals. As soon as she’s off leash, she leaps, runs and practically dances all around the park.

If you have the opportunity to check out a dog park in your area, I think they are great for most pups. You know your animal best, and it might not be for everyone. Dogs are as different as people, but including your pet in your HealthyMe activities is great for you both.

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