Start your weekend off with yoga in the park

YogaSaturdays can be busy, hectic and full of errands. At times, it can be hard to catch your breath or even take a seat. Try something different and start your Saturday off with some peace and serenity by joining a morning yoga class. The People for Palmer Park  offer free Saturday morning yoga classes for adults and children, beginning at 9 a.m. in the open field by the splash park.

Yoga has been shown to decrease stress levels and help you stay focused, so you can tackle the many tasks you have to handle. Yoga in Palmer Park is for children and adults of all ages, so the whole family can enjoy an hour dedicated to becoming centered, allowing you to de-stress from a long week and prepare yourself for busy weekend.

Check out our video and join us this weekend for Saturday morning yoga!

Photo credit: My Yoga Online

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  1. Way cool. I have at times enjoyed early Saturday classes in my neighbor (though indoors) and it is a lovely way to begin the weekend.


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