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Fruit water pourWith options like soda, juice, and other artificially flavored drinks, plain old water is, most likely, not your favorite drink. At least that was the case until the new craze of infused water came about.

You may have seen that person on the treadmill at the gym with a couple slices of lemons and strawberries bobbing up and down in their water bottle as they jog their three miles.  Or, you may have spotted the apples and a stick of cinnamon swimming in your co-workers fancy infusion water bottle.

Water infusing is getting more popular with each new creative flavor combination. With more and more people joining the movement, I have to wonder: is this just a yummy solution to dull water or are there actually some health benefits?

How is infused water made?

It can be as simple as putting fruits, veggies and even herbs, in your water to extract both the flavor and nutrients. The longer everything steeps in the water, the stronger the flavor will be.

Pureeing the ingredients, straining out the pulp, and adding water to the mixture also works. As simple as it is to make this drink, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutritional perks. Infused water has great health benefits:

  • Curbing your appetite– Fruits like mango, grapefruit and apples are known to reduce your hunger and boost your metabolism. Adding some of these to your water can help you to feel more satisfied throughout the day.
  • Building your immune system– Adding herbs like rosemary can help to fight off those pesky viruses and keep the sniffles away.
  • Aids in weight loss– Green tea, mint, and lime is a killer combo to kick those unwanted pounds to the curb.
  • Relieves stress– Basil is a stress relieving herb. Mixing oranges, blueberries, and basil creates the perfect concoction to ease your tension and help you to relax.
  • Energy booster– Adding sliced lemons to water in the morning is an awesome way to get a burst of energy.

Infusing your water is a great way to get yourself to drink more H2O. With the bright colors, vibrant flavors, and bonus nutritional value, infused water is a drink that everyone should get their hands on.

Photo credit: Marisa McClellan 

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  1. I have just recently been told about infused water by my nutrtionist and I found it mildly interesting. That was before I knew of the surprising benefits it has to offer. I will definitely be giving this a try!

  2. Okay. I can use all 5 of these infused waters especially the one to relieve stress. I eat fresh basil everyday simply because I like it in salads, but I will definitely try the infused water.

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