The latest, greatest healthy gifts for the dad in your life

Healthy fathers day giftsThis Father’s Day, ditch the socks and ties and give your dad something he both needs and wants: the gift of health. Whether your pops is a gym rat or a grill master, he’ll love unwrapping these presents on Sunday:

Fitbit Flex ($99.99) Help your busy dad stay on top of his health with this fitness tracker. During the day, it will track his steps, distance and calories burned. And at night, it will monitor his sleep quality, revealing how long he slept and the number of times he woke up. This fitness tracker is designed with a man in mind: sleek, masculine and not too bulky. It’s the perfect accessory that he’ll actually want to wear.

Weber Style Grill Pan ($22.99) Does your dad tend to bring out the grill at the first sign of warm weather? If so, this is the gift for him. The Weber Style Grill Pan is perfect for grilling smaller items like shrimp, scallops and veggies so he can take his flame-master skills to the next level.

The Mat 3mm ($58) Real men do yoga! And as more guys begin to roll out their mats, companies have followed suit by developing new lines of man-approved yoga gear. The Mat 3mm from Lululemon is one of our favorites, long enough to fit even the tallest of dads and stylish enough to make them want to try it out. (Note: if your dad is still a skeptic, here’s why it’s time for him to jump on the bandwagon.)

The GRID Foam Roller ($39.99) Help your dad ease his back pain and work out his core with this revolutionary new foam roller. The GRID, which has been receiving rave reviews from athletes and people of all types, takes foam rolling to a whole new level. It’s constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers and is designed to withstand constant, heavy use without breaking down.



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